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cross with flange 211#

cross with flange 211#
cross with flange 211#
  • cross with flange 211#
  • cross with flange 211#
  • Country: China
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Product Information

Cross with flanges
CNC milling, turning and welding on 304 Stainless Steel 

About us:

Aidely is a manufacturer of precision machinery components and fixtures for industries such as solar energy, aerospace manufacture, electronics, optical-communication, medical equipment and office automation, and other industries. We have more than 100 sets of high-precision tools and instruments, including CNC machining centers, Welding and Fabrication, CNC lathes, EDM machines, high-precision ID/OD grinders, surface grinders, Swiss-made high-precision height gage, and Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM). We look forward to serving you!

Customer Reviews:

I had a very happy service from your business staff, I wanted to find a company that could professionally do welding and fabrication for me, and your customer-service worker is always answered my question with friendly patience. I had a very happy deal from you.

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